Ookaboo RDF dump

2012-03-12 βeta

The Ookaboo RDF dump contains metadata for nearly 1,000,000 public domain and Creative Commons images of about 500,000 topics from DBpedia and Freebase. The RDF dump consists of the following files:

filename triples download bytes uncompressed bytes
ookaboo-core.nt.gz 15.3M 194.9M 2554M
ookaboo-dbpedia.nt.gz 0.7M 11.1M 96M
ookaboo-freebase.nt.gz 1.0M 11.2M 124M
ookaboo-size-l.nt.gz 6.3M 82.9M 1012M
ookaboo-size-m.nt.gz 6.3M 82.6M 987M
ookaboo-size-s.nt.gz 6.3M 82.0M 977M
ookaboo-size-sq.nt.gz 6.3M 79.0M 986M
ookaboo-size-t.nt.gz 6.3M 81.3M 974M
ookaboo-topic-labels.nt.gz 0.5M 7.5M 51M
ookaboo-schema.ttl.gz < 100 0.9k 3.5k

see the documentation for information about file contents, terms of use, classes, properties and for example SPARQL queries to do common tasks. Contact us with questions and comments.

Release Notes:

Release 2012-03-12 passes an expanded test suite that catches problems that prevent broad compatibility. With release 2012-03-12 we're working with vendors to qualify the Ookaboo RDF dump with multiple triple stores.